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What Statistics And Items To Measure When SEO Reporting

By Doris Rivas

Currently there are so many types of SEO reporting software available to choose from that it can become overwhelming for an optimizer to find the perfect balance between programs to measure statistics. Most offer the basic features of page rank, pages visited, keyword density, browser type, traffic etc. Advanced programs will provide more features and options that shall cost more.

One of the very first website data to track is the visitor pattern and daily traffic. In fact, most optimizers tend to ask for a view of this data before they take up the project. It offers a birds eye view of how the website is presently performing and what potential it has got in the future after aggressive optimization.

The optimizer requires information about visitor count and traffic incoming simply because it allows him to measure on a real time basis whether his efforts are producing any significant changes in the site performance. Moreover, when traffic increases but turnover drops, it means that the site was wrongly optimized for a particular set of keywords, drawing in the wrong kind of visitors.

By creating a page by page report, you can easily find out whether certain pages are outperforming and if a few are left behind in the shadows. Usually, good optimizers shall promote internal pages just as aggressively as the homepage. This is to ensure that traffic gets distributed over the entire site and that poor visitor pages start to pick up some residual traffic. This kind of page based report therefore is essential to monitor the overall website health.

By being selective on page reports, one can concentrate on dying pages and revive their popularity on the internet either through keyword restructuring, onsite optimization, link building or any other method. There are plenty of avenues to correct problems on pages only if one can manage to locate them first.

When you can include referrer statistics in your report, you can really show clients how well you have managed to optimize their websites. This is because it provides a real time view of how visitors are coming to your site. The best format here is the no referrer format where one simply types in your domain name to search for you. The next best is when someone enters keywords into Google or other search engines and ends up finding your site. Finally, plenty of other websites that redirect their traffic to you using keywords form the third tier of referrers. Clients want to know how much each tier constitutes in term of your total visitor count, something that good report software can provide.

Clients love to see how keywords are helping their website and internal pages to grow in stature. This is because a keyword report is simple to understand and it offers statistics that can be quantifiable. Moreover, as an optimizer being able to tabulate keyword based performance of each page makes you look more professional.

Hence, SEO reporting is more than just client satisfaction and customer growth. For an optimizer, it offers a chance to make statistical calculations about their efforts and optimize their own work for more efficiency and effectiveness.

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