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Penguin And Panda: Google's Innovations Are Beastly Algorithms

By Celine Nguyen

At the zoo, animals run free and happy. These animals roam around the familiar space, waiting for spectators to glance upon them with joy and amazement.

This paints a familiar image, particularly for Google. The popular joke these days is that Google, the dominant leader of the search engine market, has turned into a zoo. With its release of Panda and Penguin, it sure is pretty apparent that Google has a passion for animals, black and white creatures to be exact.

But mind you, the Penguin and Panda creatures are not like the typical animals. They don't roam about the Internet jungle landscapes to engross SEO minds, marketers and optimisers. Apparently, Panda and Penguin mean serious business. These algorithm updates, in contrast to popular belief, are thoroughly coded and designed to weed out spammy websites over the Web and lash out at web entities that intentionally trick search engines to possess better rankings.

Released in 2011, the Panda update's goal was to end the population of crappy websites that supported the use of plagiarised, highly unreadable content. It conveyed a painful blow to these low quality websites, painful and strong enough to send them crashing down Google SERPs. Targeting 12 percent of listings at that time, Google Panda was perceived to be a success in eliminating sites that did not revere the importance of well-written content.

Launched in 2012, the Penguin update, which influenced 3 percent of listings, continued Google's desire to stop the mischievous optimisation techniques of dishonest web entities and spammers. What did Penguin condemn the most? Certainly it disliked the use of black hat tactics like link buying, link scheming, keyword dilution and cloaking. Penguin, in a nutshell, planned to reward only high quality websites without much emphasis on overly SEO.

Penguin and Panda may have earned the ire of some SEOs and online marketers, but Google remains steadfast in its advocacy of ending black hat SEO habits. The search engine market leader has even conveyed its unfaltering commitment to bring more value to its users.

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