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An Orlando Limo Company Can Make Any Occasion Special

By John Adams

Do you have a wedding, engagement, date or even a business partner coming to town? Hire an Orlando limousine service for style, luxury and comfort! Limo services have come up all over the United States, and people who once considered it something they couldn't afford are now convinced that the cost is well worth it due to the style and image a limousine projects.

Cities like Orlando, New York and San Francisco have their fair share of Limousine Rentals. And any reputed limousine service will have a decent fleet with different kinds of Limousines on offer. It would be a good idea to check with the Limo rental service on what kinds of limos they have on offer. More often than not all the good Orlando limo services would have these varieties of limos. You could then figure out which type to rent. Factors to be considered are the occasion for which you want to rent a limo, how many people would have to be transported and of course the price to figure out if it is worth it.

A Standard Stretch Limousine: It's the type of limo you immediately think of, and most of them are Bentleys that have undergone a conversion. They're formal and often hired for events like weddings and funerals and are the most popular type, although older people like them more than younger folks. They won't cost a fortune, either.

The old fashioned classic Limo: These limos represent total class and style. They have gorgeous plush interiors with all the trappings wanted by a Head of State or a billionaire oil sheikh. These kinds come into mind when you think of all those old Hollywood movies.

The Hummer; A Hummer customized as a limo is a popular choice today. These jazzed up vehicles can carry any size load. These are available in funky colors and are perfect for a fun night out on the town

SUV Limo: This is a normal SUV converted to be a limo. Inside is very big so that a lot can be carried and stored, and these are used a lot for long trips.

The Sedan Limo: This name is actually a misnomer; they are essentially quality vehicles like Mercedes Benz, Jaguars, Cadillac's etc. They have a swanky looking chauffeur and used mostly to transport important business visitors who would not want to stand out unnecessarily.

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