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A Guide to Asbestos Health Hazards - Do Die Due to Ignorance

By Ian Pemberton

In the past, asbestos is a material that was commonly used in a wide variety of building materials and other applications.

This came before we knew the many dangers related to this product. Using it has created a history of sickness and death related to asbestos and it has become the most frequent reason for poor health and death at work.

Each year, around 3 thousand workers pass away due to diseases caused by asbestos.

By 2020 it's estimated that approximately 10 thousand people will die each year in the UK from diseases linked to asbestos exposure.

In light of this, we hope to use this composition to furnish valuable information to assist in guaranteeing the health of anyone who might interact with asbestos.

Who Might Come Into Contact with Asbestos?

Workers who might be exposed to asbestos work in the following:

People involved in demolition;

Those employed in construction work;

Those employed by companies in charge of mending problem areas;

Workers involved in maintaining a facility, such as fitters, electricians, or caretakers.

In fact anyone who disturbs the fabric of a building could be exposed to asbestos without knowing.

What is the nature of Asbestos?

Asbestos is a mineral that comes from the ground - it has many useful properties. For instance, it doesn't burn, conduct heat or electricity and has good resistance to chemicals, which has made it useful in many applications.

Asbestos is all around us in a variety of forms, but is most often found in three main varieties:

* Amosite,

* Chrysotile

* Crocidolite

The aforementioned varieties are also known as brown, white, and blue asbestos.

What Were Its Uses?

Asbestos was supplied as raw processed fibre for use as a loose material or for incorporation into asbestos containing products.

Fibres were merged with an attaching material to adhere them. These were then dispersed onto a product as a spray, such as pipe lagging.

It was utilized as a bolstering substance in water-based layers - like "Artex" style substances.

Asbestos was also used as filler or bulking material in vinyl floor tiles and some earlier types of ceiling tiles.

Furthermore, it was combined with adhesive substances that were necessary for the creation of asbestos cement roof sheets, gutters and pipes.

The majority of items that contain asbestos are usually referred to as asbestos containing materials, or, ACM's.

Many of these products had warning labels on them, but the labels may have been removed, lost or dropped off.

When Was it Used?

Most asbestos was utilized after the 2nd World War.

After World War II, during the 1950's increase in the housing and commercial construction arenas, asbestos was an inexpensive, and flexible substance. The result was that it was used in a wide range of building processes.

Blue and brown asbestos, tied by scientists to being one of the causes of the cancer known as mesothelioma, were found to be the most deadly varieties, and were prohibited from importation and utilization in the UK after 1985.

White asbestos, was banned (with a few exceptions) in 1999as it was considered less harmful

In conclusion

Asbestos is a fatal substance that will perpetually cause the deaths of tens of thousands of workers each year for tens upon tens of years.

In this article we have explored essential safety information that aims to keep workers who might come into contact with asbestos safe.

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