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The Customer Advantage Overview With Russ Howe

By Russ Howe

Now three years old, The Customer Advantage is nearing the final stages of it's completion and today we look at how the program looks to combine earnings and savings to give members the ideal home based business opportunity for 2013.

If you think Groupon and add a powerful earnings opportunity on the side, you're thinking along the right tracks.

As a free opportunity, they sure have taken their time setting themselves up to ensure they get it right but the majority of the industry is in agreement that if they do indeed get it right they will have an absolute game changer on their hands.

Click here to see how The Customer Advantage works.

As a member of TCA you receive two primary things..

* Savings

* Earnings

The savings aspect works like most other group schemes, such as Groupon or LivingSocial. Members receive an offer each day giving them a chance to take advantage of a slashed price deal in a particular niche.

The key differences with the TCA deals are as follows:

* All deals are direct from local businesses. The main focus of the program is helping local communities.

* Most group buying programs, such as Groupon, offer deals with as little as 30% savings to the member. TCA has already stated it's desire to offer discounts ranging between 50% to 90%.

The affiliate option of TCA is where things become rather more interesting, and was undoubtedly the main factor in Amazon's $25 million bid which was rejected by the developers in 2010.

Each time you tell anyone else about TCA with your exclusive referral link you are guaranteed to be paid a 5% commission on whatever that member buys through their account in future.

If you work on building your business and helping others discover free savings, or referring businesses to help them run deals in their local area, you can earn a substantial monthly income with the program itself.

Overall The Customer Advantage is a great idea which is taking it's time coming to fruition but, if all goes to plan, it will be absolutely everywhere once it goes live.

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