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The Value of Having Exact Match Domain for Search Engine Optimization

By Adrian W. Cheffer

If you don't already have a domain for your site (www., you're going to have to think about whether SEO considerations matter more than branding. If SEO is the most important factor, the Holy Grail is the exact match domain (EMD) according to John E Collins.

As the term proposes, an exact match domain is .com,. net or .org name that matches a keyword precisely in spelling and word order. would be the EMD of "inexpensive tires." versions would certainly also be EMDs. Sadly, any other domain extensions (known as top-level domains), like Cheaptires. details or Cheaptires. biz, do not count as exact matches for SEO purposes. Moreover, any type of constituent words in the domain can not be separated by a hyphen-- so Cheap-tires. com would certainly be out of the running as an EMD.

Exact match domains can rank highly in search engines with far less links than additional domains. For less competitive keywords, it's in some cases feasible to get a # 1 position in Google with a dozen links, while competing pages have hundreds of links because John Collins has actually tested numerous variables.

EMDs are great if you can easily get them, but there's no explanation to get obsessed with them. Most keywords with any sort of commercial value have actually currently had their matching domain names picked over, and if they're already owned by an exclusive party, they're most likely going to be pricey to purchase.

More importantly, unless you're currently getting traffic for a keyword, you can not assume that it will perform as well as the Google Keyword Tools recommend-- and once you have actually developed a site around a domain name, changing it can get complicated. John E Collins suggests using a durable name that can be exact match however is not totally necessary and can easily have concerns. These are simply a few of the ideas that you should think about when selecting your domain name.

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