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Beware Of Cheap Backlinks And Their Consequences

By Conrad Oconnorton

Most website owners think that having as much cheap backlinks as possible is the way to optimize their traffic. Owning a website entails a lot of work trying to increase the footfalls or incoming traffic because it is the lifeline of any internet business. However, traffic is directly associated with the amount of SEO work done on the website, which in turn requires lot of back links.

Majority of website owners tend to believe that the higher their back links are, the greater is their success. If you too are tempted to fall into this trap of having cheap backlinks and want to purchase inexpensive back links then beware because the less you pay the worse the links become. In fact, many folks have witnessed their strategy of trashy back links backfire. Hence, stay clear of such linking strategies.

A back link is a portal on another website that when clicked shall redirect viewers to your own website. In other words, these are direct links back to your website. The more cheap backlinks you have and the more folks use it to visit your site, the better ranking, and visibility you get online. Social book marking links are highly popular today and they are links spread through Web 2.0 properties such as social media sites.

Before giving the perils of cheap backlinks, it is best to first highlight the plus points for this search engine optimization strategy. To start with, when you link up with social sites or get references from them, search engines tend to rank these links higher than average back links. Moreover, book marking websites that accept your link will immediately alert search engines about the same. Overall, it seems that this increases the value and visibility of your site better only if you prevent using cheap backlinks.

In learning of the perils of improper linking, its vital to understand the two types of back links namely do follow and no follow. The former is considered to contain a lot of ranking juice while the later is hardly given any afterthought. Nevertheless, latest trends suggest that one should try and spread out their total back links between follow and no follow links such that it does not look artificial. Search engines love this strategy a lot and it does not look cheap.

The drawbacks of back links done improperly therefore are having more no follow links than do follow which means that search engines are ranking you lower than what you deserve, and the difficulty in linking to like minded websites that increase your overall appeal. Both cost you ranking and are part of bad SEO strategy.

Any back linking service provider who promises superb links with too cheap backlinks is trying to either feed you no follow links in bulk or linking to unrelated websites because it takes time to do this process correctly. Stay away from this as using budget links shall cost you SEO ranking and shall get you penalized by the search engines.

Hence, opt for linking experts who are giving you assured do follow links to related websites even if they charge a lot more for their services. At least, you shall get assured rankings. Cheap backlinks are good as far as costs are concerned but when you are trying to improve search engine rankings it is better to stick with tried and tested methods of linking.

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