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Cheap SEO Hosting Services

By Robert Browns

Pushing their website on top of the search engine results pages is one of the main goals of website owners. Throughout the years, several Search Engine Optimization techniques have been developed like having keyword-rich contents and optimized website design.

Apart from having relevant website contents and professional web template, major search engines also consider the number of backlinks and level of website traffic as critical deciding factors. More backlinks and high volume of traffic means better chances of pushing your website on top of search engine result pages. One of the most common misconceptions is that having backlinks is simple, but it is actually not as easy as what other people are saying.

Backlinks could have no value at all in search engine algorithm if those links are from websites that bears the same IP address as yours. Even if you have millions of backlinks, this will not be a factor if all links are from websites of a similar IP address because search engines consider this websites as domains owned by one person or company only.

This is where SEO hosting comes into the picture. Unlike in a normal hosting service, SEO Hosting will assign unique IP addresses to each of your website despite being hosted under a single server. If you are planning to build link networks to boost the popularity of your website, then going for SEO hosting instead of the normal one should be prioritized.

However, the normal cost of SEO hosting in the market right now could really sway you away from getting unique IP addresses for each website. Popular hosting companies offers SEO hosting at an average cost of $3.99 per IP address a month. The expensive cost of this kind of hosting service usually discourages website owners from getting SEO Hosting service.

If you really want to maximize the potential of all the websites you own, the biggest challenge is finding cheap SEO Hosting service. Let's say you have 50 websites, you really need to shed a lot of money if you want to go for this kind of hosting from the popular hosting companies out there. 50 websites means 50 unique IP addresses needed, which would require you to spend thousands of dollars per year. Why spend a lot if there are other companies that offer it for a much lower price that will also give you all the benefits of SEO hosting?

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