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Do You Want To Start Using The Law Of Attraction

By Juliette Cruz

The law of attraction is very simple. In fact, the concept is so simple that it becomes difficult for many to begin using the law of attraction for their own benefit. However, there is nothing required of someone other than the desire to accept what they want and feel deserving.

Being able to attract one's desires is an art based on the concept of you get what you give, to put it simply. An example of this is someone who allows one bad thing that happens to affect them to the point that they only keep attracting more bad things into their world. For some reason, people who are always happy do not allow themselves to be affected by negative things surrounding them.

Whatever your attention is focused on, whether it is good or bad, then that thing will consume you. What you focus on is essentially what you are asking the Universe to give you. You may not want so many bills in your life, but the fact that you keep focusing on the amount of bills you have means that you will attract more bills. Why not try visualizing more checks arriving instead of bills? You'll see how quickly things change.

If you want specific things in your life, you must make some changes. You must begin acting as though you already have everything you want and need. You must behave like you have the life you want. Don't think about what you want to have; act as though you have it. Don't think about what you want to be; behave as though you are already.

Speaking of our wants and needs as something that will happen in the future will ensure that they always stay in the future. However, speaking about these things as if they are presently happening to us and as if we are presently living the way we want puts things in place to happen right now. It all comes down to a person's state of mind.

However, it is not enough to only change the way we speak and what we say. It is necessary to actually believe it. This is where affirmations come into play. An affirmation is a motto, phrase or sentence about oneself that has the ability to turn into a belief through repetition. For example, if a person were to say out loud the words 'I am rich, happy and successful beyond my greatest expectations' every single day, then over a period of time the mind would program itself to believe those words, thereby sending out signals to create that reality into the Universe.

Affirmations become even more powerful when they are continuously repeated throughout the day instead of only once at the beginning of the day. Affirmations can be written down where they can easily be seen and remembered for further impact. Once an affirmation becomes a belief, that is when the magic happens.

When an individual starts using the law of attraction properly, then the potential for greatness is endless. It will not do to doubt the process or to feel guilty about asking for what they want. Using this concept, enough exists for everyone to prosper.

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