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A Few Aspects Of Quality Backlinks

By Conrad Oconnorton

With today's internet, in order for your site to be seen it needs some quality backlinks. It's no longer enough to just write good content and have good SEO practices. To help your site fight its way to the top of the search engine ranks requires some work on your part. A great place to start is by building some really good links to your site.

Of course, that quest for linkage can sometimes be confusing. After all, just what do you look for? To give your site the best chance at the first page of Google (or any other search engine), you need to spend the time to build quality backlinks, not just drop links wherever you can. If you aren't sure what makes a backlink a quality one, you are in luck. That is what we here to explain. The links you really want for your site will have the following four things in common.

Links from high ranked domains are worth more. Every page online today has been given a page rank. The ranks start at 0 and go to 9. The higher the page's rank, the better a link from that page will be. So before you spend a great deal of time placing a link on a page, check it's rank.

The link should come from a relevant page. As an example, if you are writing about dog food and can manage to get links from a major supplier of dog food, you have major quality backlinks in the making. If however, the link you get is from a page about good smelling candles... The link isn't going to be worth as much. The search engines are really smart about this. A relevant page linking to your page is a very good thing.

The link should be contextual. This goes hand in hand with the relevant page item. You can't just drop your link and run, much as you might want to. You can't sneak your link in by linking to the word food in an article about catering. The words around your link need to be relative to what you are linking to.

Links in content are better. Links in sidebars and footers can still be good links as long as they have the other traits. But for quality backlinks, you just can't beat a link that is directly in the content of a webpage. You do need to take care though, as the search engines of today are very smart. If a page has more links than content, the link quality goes way down.

If you make sure the links you build all have these four traits, then your site should be given a really good boost on its way to the top. And if you are really serious about it, you can even build links to your links. Search engines really are very clever. They take things like that into consideration.

Give your page the attention it deserves. Spend the time and energy needed to help your site rise through the ranks of Google. Quality backlinks really are worth the effort, because they really do work.

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