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Optimizing Your Site Ad Campaigns for Higher Earnings

By Lidia Brooks

Running ads on your websites and making them profitable are two different things; in order to maximize the ad revenue on your website, you have to work towards creating a better user experience for your visitors. Let's find out how this can be achieved.

There is an entire industry devoted to traffic generation on a very shoe string budget. Rule number one is to avoid those traffic services like the plague. These traffic generation schemes are run smartly and many gullible webmasters fall for them not knowing the real story. All of it is a dog and pony show executed by robots and fake IP addresses - proxies are what they use. But once you see zero clicks on your ads after 10,000 visitors - well, what is a naive person to think? You will be needing to get real people on your site for all the obvious reasons. Using one of these programs, you will see "thousands" of visitors in your stats, but they won't be human visitors - as simple as that.

If you do SEO and want to rank highly, then you (hopefully) know the value of backlinking. Many people outsource blog commenting for backlinks, and that can work well if the quality of the posts is good. Once again, there are multiple approaches here, but this method is essentially easy to do. You need to include relevant anchor text in your comment, or the name you leave, and it should be a good quality comment for the best chances of approval. We very highly recommend you do not wait for businesses to backlink to you on their own unless you have a very hugely popular authority site. Go beyond SEO, though, and do as many other forms of marketing that will bring you targeted traffic.

Look at your content that you have published on your site, and then take a look at the ads you have and look for a connection. You need to think about your audience plus your content when you want to display ads that get clicked on. All of this is just a part of the larger picture of optimization regardless of what action you want people to take. Perhaps you want to automate everything as much as possible, and in that case you can turn it all over to ad networks or programs such as Adsense. With Adsense and all the others, your only involvement is to register then copy and paste the code on your pages.

This is the big secret the pros use when they are getting a site set up for running ads.

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