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Why is Website Security Important

By Elisha Marty

Protecting the computers as well as the sites is certainly a priority when using the internet hence website security testing stands as the recent catchphrase. However, security testing for the sites is indeed not a simple process. The researchers and the developers of the ethical hacking software have had to spend many hours for developing their products. And today, the Website security testing software are able to quickly analyze and test threats to see if they are potent enough to seriously damage our computers.

As a matter of fact, Business owners underestimate the importance of online security threats or the aftermath of the threats in computer security and thus turn their website into an easy target for hackers. This is where the concept of website security testing plays a pivotal role where the testing tools aims at helping small/medium sized businesses secure their website. Business owners with little to no technological background can take advantage from this software to test the security of their websites while making online security affordable.

But it's better to understand how we can secure websites from hacks than trying to figure out what these hacks are. Ensuring the validation of all the inputs to your site is the best way to protect your website. Inputs like page headers, cookies, query string, hidden fields used on forms and other forms fields should be validated. These inputs should be validated against expected input types and length. The input to the web forms should be HTML encrypted in-order to avoid any unwanted script elements.

There are many different types and levels of security which protects every part of the website. Anti- virus software, running your website over encrypted connections, verifies that your website is legal by displaying privacy policies and trust seals, having PCI scans performed at least quarterly. They are proactive about keeping your website current with the always changing world of technology. Initially, you should choose a web hosting provider that in careful about server security.

Here are some important points for you to make your website secure. Your files are important, so protect them with passwords. E-mail address has to be secured, e-mail addresses are not supposed to leave anywhere. Secure your source code, see if software patches are available and sign up for the updates. Add a robot.txt to your website. For the uploaded files, check the permissions you have set. Check for old and unwanted files and delete them. Know your server and secure it with an updated antivirus. Don't forget to take proper steps in website security.

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