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Building your Global Domains International business

By Russ Howe

One of the first things people ask upon joining Global Domains International is how to get started with their new home business. Actually, there are a number of things which you can do to get your GDI business off the ground almost immediately.

New Global Domains International affiliates have an array of tools at their disposal, including...

* Your GDI marketing system. If you don't have one, it is important you get one. We'll show you why and how to to get one at the end.

* Your GDI affiliate plan. Most members of Global Domains International are looking to take advantage of the company's lucrative earnings plan. And finally...

* Your products and services. Not only do you receive the mountain of affiliate marketing know-how and tips in your GDI members area, but you also receive your own website address and this is where GDI gets really interesting as it opens up a new world of possibilities.

So don't just be fooled into thinking you need to look at GDI's affiliate plan to make any money. We personally used our Global Domains International products to turn our hobby into a full time income, as well as using GDI's lucrative affiliate plan to build a five figure secondary income. The possibilities are massive.

Follow the tips above and take a look at each of the three aspects of your new GDI business, this will allow you to take your time. After all, changing the rest of your financial life isn't as easy as clicking a button, so this is something you will want to make work for you long term.

You see, having the correct business mindset yields great results in the future. Give yourself enough time to get used to the very real idea of 'becoming your own boss'. You can make it happen, we've seen it multiple times now and done it ourselves, it comes down to setting yourself a long term goal and pursuing it.

Too many affiliates like the idea of working for themselves or building an income from home but dislike the reality and are unwilling to put the work in. Before you begin getting any kind of success with your new GDI business you need to get into a business owner's mindset and decide just how much you really want to be able to build that secondary income.

With regards to the Global Domains International affiliate plan, one simple way to make the most of this is to use a ready made GDI marketing system. This allows you to build your GDI without the 'leg work' so-to-speak, as a top system will usually include ready made capture pages hooked up to your GDI affiliate link, autoresponder software to follow up with leads for you, and so on. If you are serious about building an income with your GDI, this should be the first step.

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