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Why Bill Collection

By J.e. Moncrieffe

My whole life I have pretty much been totally irresponsible. I've never been on time to work. I've been in seven different car accidents. But, probably worst of all, I'm twenty-seven years old and I never pay my bills on time. I'm sure you've heard about the links between people who have bad credit and how it affects the other aspects of their life, and let me tell you it's true. I have become so used to the chaos and total lack of organization in my life that I had just given in to it and just went with it. Until one day I got a call from a random number that changed my life. Believe it or not, it was from a bill collection agency.

After I said hello and I heard a gentleman with a sweet southern accent and decided not to hang up because his voice was so euphonious. He clarified that he was calling on behalf of a bill collection company and was looking to retrieve payment. He also explained that it would be not only in my better interest to just go ahead and pay the outstanding bill, but also it would be the responsible thing to do.

They actually want to make it able for you to pay off their debt! Whether it's a commercial bill collection agency or a consumer bill collection agency the representatives calling you don't get paid by standard payroll. These people work off commission; which means they don't get paid unless you pay. This allows them to work with you and better assist you in finding a payment option that works for the both of you.

When I returned home from my long day at work, I grabbed my phone and dialed the bill collection company. Once I got through to the sweet southern gentleman, he and I stayed on the phone for a substantial amount of time. He provided me with all the information on his company; where they were located their hours and everything else I could've asked for. I didn't know dealing with bill collection could be so easy! Not only was he so courteous and polite, but he also reviewed several payment options that I could choose from along with a set payment schedule. At the end of the conversation I was well on my way to becoming a responsible adult.

I really thought this was going to be such an ordeal from the things I've heard about bill collection agencies, but it was the complete opposite. Some people think of bill collectors as professional harassers who threaten and intimidate people into paying their bills. However, I am not one of those people and neither should you be. All in all, my experience with the bill collection agency was a great one. My sweet southern delight of a representative was so patient with me and really treated me with respect. Most importantly it got me out of my irresponsible way of living, which I thought couldn't be done.

Any professional would want the industry that they work in to look good and be portrayed in a positive light, and bill collection companies are no different. Collection companies should be able to gain your trust because they are generally good and will treat you with respect and courteously.

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