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Reputation Management Strategies: Control Your Online Image

By Lucky Berry

Using Reputation Management Tactics to Protect Your Online Image

For most people that are not celebrities or public figures, any damage to your reputation used to be kept among your friends and associates, or perhaps within the area in which you live. Now, with so many people around the world engaging in social networks, pretty much anyone from anywhere can take your personal images and reputation and do any kind of damage to your reputation, with lasting effect. As you share more of your thoughts, opinions, and various activities, it becomes easier for others to create a negative image of you by intentionally misrepresenting you to others. However, by implementing various reputation management tactics and strategies, you can not only repair your tarnished reputation, you can ideally prevent such damage from occurring in the first place.

When the reputation of a business becomes damaged, because there are employees lives and livelihoods at stake, the situation can often be more serious. While the internet has allowed greater consumer interaction and more channels for customer feedback, it has also given unhappy consumers, as well as jealous competitors, the ability to smear a business's name, image, and the products they produce or sell. All they have to do is be very creative with their criticisms, possibly to the point of viciousness, to make such negativity go viral, quickly spreading to many different social circles and platforms around the world. Yet, again, it is essential for businesses to have reputation management strategies already in place, so they can quickly and appropriately respond and repair their damaged reputation before it begins to cost them money.

Reputation management tactics and strategies should be built into a business's online marketing and SEO plans. Such strategies must have mechanisms to periodically monitor search engines and social networking sites, in addition to having functions to quickly counter any sort of negative information that does happen to surface on the internet. While SEO is not necessarily relevant to individuals, they must still do all they can to consistently monitor their digital presence and public image as much as possible, controlling what information and images are accessible to the wider public. It is much better for businesses and individuals to be more proactive and forceful regarding their information and images, instead of always having to react and respond to the malicious words and actions of others.

In this 21st century, our lives are pretty much dependent on information and its presence or movements in various networks, including the internet. Thus, anyone concerned about their own reputation must be very conscious of how information can be obtained and subsequently used. If you can effectively combine this understanding with a solid reputation management strategy, you will have made it very difficult for anyone else to do considerable damage to your public reputation.

During the past ten or so years, our societies have transitioned into an age of information that is primarily being driven by the internet. From our social interactions to our business transactions, so much of our lives are now being carried out through various online means and methods. As efficient as this has helped make our lives, it has also made more of our personal and professional lives more accessible to anyone that would like to manipulate our information and image for their own benefit. This is one of the primary reasons why it is so vital for you or your business to implement a thorough reputation management strategy of some sort.

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