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How To Get Back To Basics - Email Marketing 101

By James Steele

One of the easiest ways to make money online is to market directly to the prospects who have signed up to get your emails, a fact you are likely aware of. This is email marketing, in other words selling to people through email.

It is a technique by which every successful Internet Marketer swears. Spend a minute in a forum related to IM and there will be hundreds of posts discussing how critical email marketing is. You'll find things like the so-called most effective, super special tactic to make money online discussed in these posts. If you really want to make money with this method, though, you need to get back to the basics.

Segmentation will help you build your list quickly. This way, as soon as someone actually buys the thing you are promoting, they are moved from the "prospects" list to the "buyer" list. On each of the lists, different our responders and messages should be used. When people buy from you, it is not in your best interest to market the same item to them once they have already made the purchase. When you do something like this, you stand to alienate these loyal customers. You do, however, need to thank them for the purchase and encourage them to keep in touch. It is easy to do with a segmented list on your autoresponder. Any list service worth its subscription fee will let you do this. Building your list should be your number one priority. It can be tempting to stop building, especially if your list becomes quite enormous. Do you really need more subscribers if you already have thousands of people on your list? The answer is yes! Building a larger list should be your top priority everyday that you wake up. Every time that you get someone, someone might unsubscribe. That's how it works. This alone is worth the fifteen minutes to a half an hour you spend each morning encouraging people to opt in to your list. Without bringing in new subscribers, you run the risk of running out of people on your list.

Find a list service provider that has really good customer service. If there are problems, you need to have the option of calling up a real person to get help. You want to make sure every message you send out gets to its destination and this helps, even if it's not connected to direct selling.

If someone has opted out of your list, let them go. Many email marketers turn into stalkers in an attempt to "save the boat" and try to push the person to return. Make sure you've removed their email from your list and send them a quick note saying you're sorry they're leaving. If you discover their email is still on your list, by some fluke, and they've still been getting your mails in their inbox, send a quick apology. It might be all that's needed to convince them to return on their own.

You might try to overdo it in an attempt to right what's wrong when you see subscriber numbers drop and sales decline. You'll only end up turning people off. If you really want to bring those numbers back up then you need to get back to the fundamentals. You have a good foundation in place for a very good reason, right? Focus on what was effective the first time around and you'll be surprised how quickly things can recover.

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