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SEO Techniques Training Course Module 2 - Keyword Research Section 2

By John Lee

Last post in the SEO Techniques Series we conversed in a decent amount of depth about how to get the most from Google's Keyword Research Tool and the different settings that have to be chosen and unselected to really get the most out of it for our intentions. If you haven't gone through that part I highly recommend reading it right here.

At this point you should have your list of keywords to look through and test one at a time. In this section we will certainly be going through two very different techniques. The very first method will be for if you have a limited budget and will need to utilize free of cost strategies for keyword research in the immediate term, and a much faster method for those who determine to save themselves a lot of time and purchase the resources that will certainly allow you to have more time to make use of on the more important, more profitable actions for your company.

Link below for the video recording of the routine:

Now that we have actually looked at the short term SEO techniques for keyword research, you've undoubtedly started to realize that this can be an extremely lengthy and time consuming procedure. If you are someone who is deciding to get all of the keyword research info the previous tools would offer you AND MORE, in just 1/10th of the time so you can easily focus on doing more of the activities that place cash in your pocket, then this part of the write-up was composed just for you.

The tool that can do all of these things for you is a tool called Market Samurai. When you begin using this beast of a tool you will never go without it for your keyword research again. Watch the video in the link below for more details on the best ways to utilize Market Samurai.

This Concludes the Keyword Research Portion of the SEO Techniques Training Course.

At this point we have actually undergone just what we have to do to correctly extract every last bit of information from your competition to employ the SEO techniques you will learn in the following posts for your SEO strategy. Now that you understand precisely what you need to do I have a fast action plan to follow before you progress to the next module:

If you are doing the free of charge technique with SEOQuake, do the method shown and collect a minimum of 5 keyword phrases that you want to utilize to get started. This procedure can be a little time consuming, so 5 will certainly be an excellent spot to start.

IF, on the other hand, you are going to buy and make use of Market Samurai then I would suggest collecting at least 100 keyword phrases to start with. The process with Market Samurai is far more streamlined and far more accurate, so collecting 100 keyword phrases really should be absolutely no problem.

Now that you have the keyword phrases you are about to go after, you can now start to take all the actions you need to direct the search engines to deliver large quantities of traffic your way, which we will certainly begin to cover in the next article.

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