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When Making Money Online, Release the Emergency Brake

By Lamar Wayo

I will give you a fantastic shortcut proven to cut time and effort to making money online through affiliate marketing. The one thing I request of you is that you take action on this right away. Take action and test out the strategies you are about to learn and then when they bring in money for you and you are excited about your future, visit me at my website to learn the source of this great information.

Over the past few years, while building my monthly income to a humble yet passive amount I made errors and taken missteps that are too many to count.

Getting over these hurdles turned out to be worth it because the money that I make comes in every single month whether I work on those sites again or not. Exerting minimal effort and website maintenance and money keeps coming in is a great feeling.

And I have to tell you, that's a great feeling.

But getting to where I am today should have taken half the time and effort than it did so if I had the chance to do it all over again, of course, there are a few things I would do differently.

That is precisely the topic of this article, destroying myths about making money through affiliate marketing and allowing you to achieve your goals in much less time than if you did not have these strategies. You will learn about the hurdles that I had to overcome and once that is laid out, you will learn the strategy that will change your Online business from rowing your boat upstream to easily floating downstream with the money current.

My introduction to Internet marketing came a few years ago when I wanted to have my family's restaurant website show up higher in the Google results pages and I was first introduced to SEO.

Being able to rank any website on the first page of Google was a valuable skill that I picked up.

On the other hand, I had websites showing up at the top but most of them were for the wrong search phrases!

Therefore, my first error was working on ranking for the wrong key phrases.

I was fed up with ranking with nothing to show for it so I bought a course on affiliate marketing and had some success.

I learned a lot from that course but, and here is my second mistake, I created a large site where I tried to promote many different products, services and softwares.

After getting the website up to a couple hundred dollars per month it leveled off. It also took sustained effort to get the number of visitors per day up to where it is now.

I compare this strategy to maneuvering a huge cargo ship. It takes a lot of time and energy to get where you need to go.

That's when I serendipitously met a guy while at a networking event in a bar in Manhattan who crushed that authority site belief that I was holding on to. It turns out that he's made over ten million dollars in a little over a decade making sites with only a few pages of content.

That was an ah-ha moment for me.

I had been working my rear end off to get my one website on the first page and this person was getting dozens of sites with very little content there in a matter of days or a few weeks tops??

Wow! I had to pay attention.

The strategy that he was using and the thing that was missing from my business was getting, buying or registering domain names with the exact keyword that I wanted to rank for in them. Having the keyword puts you way ahead of the competition and will get you onto page one with less links and less content than you ever thought before.

It accounts for a quarter of the ranking factors!

Getting your smaller site up and ranked with real visitors coming to it will allow you to see if the site will be profitable or not much quicker. Therefore, if it doesn't make money you found out sooner than later and can move on.

What I learned didn't end there. If your domain name is made of keywords that people looking to buy are searching for, even if you don't get that many visitors to your website the ones that do show up are at the end of the buying process and one step away from buying the product you're promoting.

With the right words in your website's domain name and the right people coming to your site ready to hand you money, now things begin to seem a little easier as you paddle gently downstream. You have a head start a quarter of the track long.

These are the Steps You Need to Start Making Money Online Easier

Research to Find the Right Buying Keywords

People typing phrases into the search bar that are later on in the buying process is the key.

Examples of the best buyer phrases include:

-Product Name

-Product or Service Reviews

-The Specific Model #

-Product Name Bonus

-Product or Service Followed by the Word Discount

-Creator's/Inventor's/Guru's Name

-Buy Product Name

-Buy Model Number

My rule of thumb is if the total monthly searches of all buyer keywords combined is greater than 1000 than you have a good chance of having a winner.

Make sure to total up all exact match keywords, not broad. If you are not aware of the difference, phrase match is when you search for something with quotation marks and all the words appear in the results in the same order.

All you need to remember is to check off the Exact Match option inside the External Tool.

This is only a general rule that you can use so don't get too caught up on having exact numbers. It's much better to just do it and then you can adjust when you are in the game and you will have a much better understanding of keyword research and being able to spot which ones will be profitable and which to pass on.

Competitive Analysis

Here are a few crucial questions to answer when looking at the top ten results for your chosen buyer keyword:

-Does the site have the keyword in the URL? Is it in the front or the back? Root domain or a sub-page of the website?

-Now look at the site titles. Is the keyword in the title of the site?

-How about in the site's description?

-How about in the Header tag?

This may seem like a different language to you at the moment but don't get caught up in that because you can easily find Internet Marketing tools and resources that can tell you all these factors with the push of a button.

The amount of external links pointing in to a site is of course important but the exciting point to remember is if you get/have a domain name with your keywords built in, the first spot in the search engine results is yours to defend!

If you retain nothing else from reading this article, remember this. Having the keyword in your domain name is that important to you getting tons of free traffic from the search engines.

Copy Blogger's Brian Clark says,

"you can gain attention from people via search engines because Google trusts your content."

That's what it's all about. If you're domain name is the exact words someone is searching for, Google will much more likely trust that you are the most relevant.

Makes sense doesn't it?

The next step is to find the best available domain name that contains your keywords

Go to your nearest domain host and see if the buyer keyword for the product you want to promote is available in .com, .net or .org. My mentor (find out who that is on my website) seems to easily rank any of the three main extensions but they are in priority order.

The only bias I have is to avoid hyphenated domain names. I have never tested this so I just recently bought a two word product name domain with a hyphen in between to see if this commonly repeated theory is true.

Getting Website Visitors

The final step is to throw some links at your new domain using article marketing, video marketing, social bookmarking, forum posting, etc.

Fortunately, you shouldn't need too many backlinks to get ranked since you have the exact match domain name.

Wrapping Things Up

The best part about using this exact match domain technique is you will be able to find out if your site will be profitable or not in much less time than with other methods. Keep your focus on the products, keywords and websites that have the best chance of bringing in profit for you.

Some of your sites will produce no money, some will make you some and some will be homeruns. The more sites you put up the better off you will be. It's a numbers game just like everything else.

In this article we discussed keywords that have the potential of bringing in money and keyword-rich domains.

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