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Social media and smart cell phones - the great difference that they have made

By Philip Smethurst

Social media and smart phones have succeeded in changing the order of the planet. A few years ago, none of these were in existence. MySpace was originally launched in 2003, Facebook in 200, Twitter in 2006, and recently Timbuctu in 2012. YouTube was launched at virtually the same period in 2005. These social media sites have made a very serious impact in the manner in which they have attracted many users from across the entire world.

The enlarging use of smart telephones has made it even better because people can get access to the Internet from virtually anywhere, and anytime. A smart phone is essentially a mobile that can perform some or almost all of the same functions as a PC. One of the greatest impacts of these 2 platforms is bringing the world closer together.

Most smart telephones have GPS and Map features whereby you can locate just about any point of the world. They have made the access of the Net easy. The social media sites on the other hand have made the interaction between folk very easy. Most of these social networking sites receive millions of visitors every day!

It is natural human instinct to want to interact and get more information. The networking sites have made the dealings between folks of different regions and places of the world straightforward. Enrolling in the majority of these sites is free neither or there may be charges for the upkeep of the account or further features.

Another prominent impact has been in business. Most businesses ranging from small to the largest now market their products and services on social network sites because it's the only place that you can get the biggest congregation of folk. For instance Facebook has users computed to be about 800 million. If proper selling is done in these social sites, it is likely to bear results within brief time.

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