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Produce the Right Backup Strategy for Your Computer Files

By Damien Beamont

Why do people put off backing up their computer files?Everything is fine until a computer crash occurs.Yes, you can always hire a pro to come out and retrieve your files.However, this cannot be done unless they have a recovery disk from your latest backup.Based upon when your computer crashed, you might be without your computer for days.

If you think that it is not important to backup computer files, then look at some sobering statistics.Around 93% of all businesses that have computer crashes and are without their files for ten days or more end up filing for bankruptcy in about a year or so of the crash.Around 30% of all companies that lose their data in a fire have to close their doors before the year is over.These stats show that computer backup is a necessity.But most small to medium companies do not have any type of backup plan.

In addition to establishing a backup plan, there are things that you must do in order to guarantee that you have a good backup plan.The following are just some of the things that you should consider.

First, backup all of your essential files.A lot of companies fail to do this.For example, large corporations will always backup their servers.But, email files might not get backed up.Email is used for a majority of business communications.Emails are just a formal copy of things that have been discussed.They prove that employees are working on certain things.They cover your tail, if someone wants to say that you did nor did not do something.By not backing up these files, a lot of important info can never be recovered.So, it would be wise to invest in a software package that can backup emails as well.

Second, files must be backed up frequently.They should be saved as often as you use them.If that is daily, then back them up daily.Some people will opt for a weekly or even monthly backup.However, remember that if anything happens and your files need to be restored, they can only be restored from the last time that they were saved.

Third, put your backup copies in a safe location.This can be a tricky request.A lot of companies will put backup servers and copies in a remote location.It is possible to utilize virtual backup software or various types of virtual software resources.This provides extra protection just t in case anything happens at the main site.This is a good plan if something happens like a fire that is limited to one location.But, what will happen if a tornado comes along and destroys the entire city?Where should you put backup copies?

In conclusion, you should always backup your computer files.Also, ensure that your backup plan is very efficient.You do not know when something horrible will take place.Be prepared.

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