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SEO Hosting Reviews

By Martha Lorenzo

SEO hosting is when you keep numerous websites on a server but with different and unique IP addresses. This is an innovative marketing strategy that lets individual and business owners create, manage and control a network of websites that they use a links pointing to each one of the sites.

If you are one who is thinking of getting SEO hosting services for your marketing endeavors, you have to be knowledgeable about the products and the services that these hosting companies provide. Majority of SEO hosting reviews can be accessed online through websites, blog sites, discussion boards and forum web sites.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Nowadays, SEO is being integrated with web hosting services to aid in ranking websites on top or higher in search engine results page.

As a result, the websites and the links get filtered and de-indexed. Worse yet, the search engines can even impose a penalty on the website, subsequently, the websites that are reprimanded and will not be displayed anywhere near the top rankings on the search engine results page.

This does not have any value the way major search engines rank websites. Search engines look into the 3rd set of numbers to give worth and high value to a websites.

If you have SEO web hosting, the IP address of your 2 websites will be like this: and, respectively. Note that the 3rd set of IP address does not belong to the same block. In return, search engines will see this as totally of no relation to one another when used as links to your websites.

SEO hosting companies provide many hosting packages as well as coupon codes and discounts for new clients too. They work with their clients to ensure that the websites being hosted are ranked high or on top of the major search engine results page. Doing some research over the internet or simply ask people who have already used the services of hosting company can alleviate the trouble of finding the best SEO company, somehow.

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