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DUO34AC Developed By Vority

By Johny Jacson

For someone who uses electronic gadgets most of the time, not having a charger during the moment you need it will be devastating. But what if you only have your device's USB cord but no computer to plug it into? You will need a USB wall charger.

Electricity, energy, power, whatever you want to call it powers all of the rampantly used mobile devices that connect, manage and help out human lives. No matter how smart a phone get, it will still run on this energy that has been around before phones even existed.

Most USB wall chargers will give the same power when compared to a regular charger. Most of the time, a newly-bought gadget will come only with its USB cord and then its charger will be a USB wall charger.

Vority Dual USB wall charger is only 2.14 (width)x 1.14 (length) x2.68 (height) big, but it is heavy duty. It has a dual USB power adaptor that can transmit up to 3.4 amperes or 17 watts. And as the name suggests, two gadgets can be plugged at the same time.

Other types of USB wall chargers can be bought separately, depending on the preference of the user. The choice now for a USB wall charger is a dual USB wall charger, which allows you to charge up two devices at the same time.

There are difficulties in charging gadgets since the way a device is charged can affect its batteries and might even damage it, shortening the battery life of the device itself. Not only that, irresponsible charging can also affect the electrical bill since these chargers or adaptors can still use up electricity even if the mobile device is unplugged from it.

At 3.25 oz, the Vority dual usb power adaptor is lightweight and can be placed in any bag. With its dimensions of 2.6" x 2.1" x 1.1", it is virtually compact, plus its metal prongs are foldable so you can both protect them and protect the contents of your bag.

To the rescue is this advanced piece of technology, the DUO34AC developed by Vority. It is a compact adaptor that can definitely change the way you charge without batting an eyelash.

One of its USB ports has a designated 2,400 mA output that is used for tablets and smartphones while the other has a 1,000 mA output which is useful for other devices like mp3 players, but if you connect a device to a different USB port, it's not a problem; the power adaptor will be able to adjust to your device.

Vority's dual USB power adaptor can handle all of this because it is made with high temperature resistant and fire proof materials. The product eliminates threats of overloading an outlet, over-charging, over-currents, and thus short-circuits which could cause fire.

It can automatically shut itself off when you device is already fully charged in order to prevent overcharging and an LED light is also present on it so you can see if the device or the USB cord is connected properly or if the device that you are connecting is out of its voltage range.

This redefines it from all the others because it is not just an adaptor or just a dual usb power adaptor. It is a smart dual usb power adaptor.

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