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Vority Vigor 3S Lipstick Power Bank - Power While On The Go

By Johny Jacson

The topic of the reappearance of the lipstick power bank has brought up debates regarding whether it is only fitting for the male or the female gender.

Power banks are used when charging your gadget becomes needed while there are no available places to plug it into. These are made out of rechargeable batteries that are [rigged|configured] to be connected to any device that you have, usually through a USB cord, and it can be charged using a regular charger. Power banks are handy for those who need to have power while on-the-go.

If the power banks available are bulky and will be a hassle to bring along, you can try using a lipstick power bank. This power bank is compact enough to fit any bag that you have but it has the capability of providing your gadget a full charge when you need it.

If you need to choose a lipstick power bank, there are a few things to consider before getting one:

In any case, the lipstick power bank's ultimate purpose, which is to charge discharged batteries, is wasted just because of its physical appearance.

3. Never attempt to repair the device - disassembling the device without proper knowledge on dealing with electronics can cause undesired effects to your precious lipstick power banks.

It puts her in a cross between a chick and a nerd which would incline very much towards her interests for it allows her to attract two opposing individuals who would like her one way or the other. A chick will never go wrong buying and carrying around a lipstick power bank to showcase her authority.

With all of these mentioned, your best choice will be the Vority Vigor 3S lipstick power bank.

The Vority Vigor 3S lipstick power bank has a 3000 mAh capacity and is compatible to any portable gadget that you may have. Having a 3000 mAh power bank will ensure you can have up to 9 to 10 more hours of talk time with your iPhone or have at least 90 more hours of usage with other gadgets like portable media players.

With its Samsung Grade A cells, it will ensure a quick recharge time if the Vority Vigor 3S lipstick power bank runs out of [power|juice]; it will only take 2 to 3 hours for it to recharge and with its 5.0 volt / 1000 mA output, it can quickly recharge your device.

It may be about time as well that people should stop judging males who bring or even use lipsticks for it does not necessarily mean that they are homosexual, especially if that "lipstick" is in all actuality a very nice power bank to begin with, such as the Vority Vigor 3S Lipstick-Sized Portable Battery Charger. Besides, Vority's product comes in two other colors as well - black and blue - so there really ought to be no issue.

In conclusion, these lipstick power banks are as equally as important to the more commonly-used appliances out there like TV's, laptops, and smartphones, so it is best considering these tips to keep your prized power banks in tip-top shape.

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