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Mobile Driving In 8.25% Of All Clicks

By Nathir Sufyan

If anyone wanted to know the power of mobile advertising, it is all found in the statistical analysis that is being done. Companies are spending a significant amount of money in the mobile sector because it works and it is as simple as that. The results are starting to show how the results coming in from ads are unbeatable on any other front.

Recent Studies On Retargeted News Feed Ads

With just 6.5% of the news feed ads being on mobiles, the click through rate is still at 8.25% for all clicks. This is remarkable considering the low amount of ads. This is a lot of clicks with any methods when the actual expenditure is so little. Mobile ads are the way of the future with almost everyone getting their hands on a smartphone. With more and more people having smartphones, these ads are becoming increasingly popular and effective.

Why Retargeted Mobile News Feed Ads Generate So Much Traffic

The advertising agency that was examined, AdRoll, revealed that there was almost a 75% increase in conversions using these types of retargeted ads. Considering that the ads that are shown are reflective of the items a person was looking at before, this contributes to the overall success of this type of marketing model. This should inspire more advertisers to consider using mobile retargeted advertising to increase their bottom line.

The idea that mobile advertising is getting more popular as many people thinking how to capitalize on this trend. However, before you start thinking that this is going to lead to additional sales, it really does depend upon what you are selling. You have to look at the products that are selling the best, and what the actual CTR and ads actually were. If you could have all of this information to make a logical decision, you could decide whether or not mobile retargeted news feed ads were a good choice for you.

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