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Features To Look For In Purchasing A Vority Dual USB Wall Charger

By Johny Jacson

If you live in a big household, you may regularly face the problem of having nowhere to charge your gadgets. The supply of wall outlets doesn't quite meet the demand for them, and when larger devices use up greater space on the extension cord, it doesn't bode well for the late-comers. In these cases, having chargers that can supply energy to two devices at a time using a single electrical socket is a useful addition to the household. An example of such a device is Vority's dual USB wall charger.

The dual USB wall charger can be plugged in a single wall outlet that has an AC power output of 100V to 240V. From this, it releases power to two universal USB ports with different currents.

Dual USB wall chargers have different features and styles. They come in different colors and sizes that it gets confusing choosing a charger for yourself. Well, don't worry. Here are some few features to look out for in choosing your own dual USB wall charger:

Although the ports are labeled, you don't have to strictly follow them. As stated earlier, these are universal USB ports, which means that you can charge any PC or Mac 2.0/3.0 USB port compatible devices. No more fighting over Apple and non-Apple in your household! The 2.4A port can also charge cellular phones, iPads and other compatible devices, while the 1.0A port can also charge MP3 players and GPS devices. Cameras, Bluetooth headsets, and power banks can also be charged using the dual USB wall charger.

Also try to see if it can adapt to any voltage. We have to make sure that when it charges the phone and the tablet, it is able to provide the gadgets with the proper electric current that it needs in order to charge properly.

The Universal Serial Bus was then used for its five-volt power supply feature. This is where the dual USB wall charger was derived from, considering its potential to charge any kind of device just by connecting various USB decorations that follow gadget power discipline and design.

In case of emergency or boredom, you can use your devices while they're still plugged. Feel free to make calls, send text messages, or even play games and enjoy videos while waiting for your battery to fill up.

To protect you and your home, the charger is made from fire proof and high temperature resistant materials. Even your devices are protected, because the current capacity, the device itself, and the USB cable all contribute to limiting the charging current.

The next time you are scouting the internet and trying to look for a charger for your phone, keep in mind the different features that you have to look for in buying a charger.

People living in big households need to ensure that common property is sturdy, space-saving, and efficient. Vority's dual USB wall charger seems to fit the bill, because it can charge two devices using one socket at the same time, and at a fast rate. If you'd like to know more about this product, check out their page on Amazon:

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