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Plugging Vority DUO34AC USB Power Adaptor To Power Supply

By Johny Jacson

Each living thing in the world that is currently existing shares one ability, adaptability.

As you get hooked to electronic devices, different accessories are developed to make things more convenient. One of them is the new Vority DUO34AC dual USB power adaptor. This is a high-quality and durable wall charger. Without any doubt, you would like to have a portable charger you can bring wherever you go. This is relatively small. It measures 2.6 inches by 1.1 inches by 2.2 inches and weighs 3.2 ounces.

It measures 2.68 in. by 1.14 in. by 2.17 in and weighs about 92 grams. Though this product is very small, it boasts of several features that can provide you a lot of benefits.

Hence, you can leave it unattended.

Vority utilizes smart charge technology in this dual USB power adaptor. With the use of this technology, the charger is capable of providing power to several gadgets at a faster charging rate.

This characteristic of being dynamic has been taken by technology and infused them into their contraptions and devices in order to suit the needs of the everchanging users and consumers whose needs and ideals change along with the times.


Because of that, competition in the smartphone and tablet industry has become intense because they have to expand and add more features in order to cater to the dynamic needs of dynamic consumers.

-Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, and S4

The charger is resistant to heat and fire, making it safe to use. While charging, its temperature can range from 5 degrees up to 400 degrees Celsius. Once the battery completes the charging process, the power adaptor automatically stops.

-HTC phones

It is a dual usb power adaptor that knows more than just to charge. This certain adaptor is a prime jewel in latest technology because of its capability to be so versatile in terms of the variety of devices that it can be used on.

This guarantees compatability to charge not only smartphones, but also, tablets, music players and even power banks.

As long as your device has a power cord, you can plug it in this dual USB power adaptor. If you don't know how to use the charger, you will be guided by the product's manual. This is included in the whole package.


-Kindle Fire HD

Imagine charging all your devices from different manufacturers using one dual usb power adaptor, not to mention, being able to charge simultaneously.

This product is available at After making a purchase, you will be given with a 2-year replacement warranty. In this case, all repairs regarding product malfunctions are totally free.

This cool little box prioritizes you as you prioritize yourself.

Overall, Vority DUO34AC is a useful dual USB power adaptor that anyone should have.

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