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The Vority 3000Mah Vigor 3S Charger's Helpful Features

By Johny Jacson

Does your phone's battery life quickly drain? Do you have to lug your phone charger around all the time? Is it too much of a hassle? If so, then I recommend you buy yourself a power bank. A power bank serves as an external battery for a smartphone or mobile phone.

It automatically stops charging when the device reaches its full power or when there is a danger of overcharging.

Thus, this Vority 3000mAh lipstick power bank charger can save you from the trouble of changing the battery of your phone frequently because of overcharging. Because of of its smart features, you don't have to worry if you forgot to unplug your gadgets.

The Advantages of Using Vority 3000mAh Charger

First of all, Lipstick Power Bank is very easy and convenient to use. It automatically switches on once a mobile device is plugged in and it automatically switches off once the mobile device is fully charged. It also shuts down automatically when left idle for three or four hours.

It has a compact, lightweight design with the following dimension - 4.3x0.9x0.9in 2.4oz that can easily fit in any pocket or bag. The manufacturer of Vority 3000mAh charger makes sure that it will not slip on an inclined table by making a square shape charger.

The Lipstick Power Bank also has four LED lights located at the bottom. These LED lights indicate the mobile device's battery status.

The Vority lipstick power bank is very smart with auto power on when connected to your device to be charged.

It automatically stops charging when your device is fully charged or have the risk of over-charging. When not in use for three to four hours the Vority 3000mAh charger turns off automatically.

The Vority 3000mAh lipstick power bank is very smart. When you connect it to charge your device, it turns on automatically. When your device is fully charged, it stops automatically.

Disadvantages of Lipstick Power Bank:

This Vority 3000mAh charger is not compatible with HP TouchPad, Nokia Lumia 920, 1020, 1320, 1520, 2520, Motorola Xoom, Blackberry Playbook & World Edition, Nook, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2012 Models.

Other information about this product:

The Vigor 3S charger is designed for fast startup charging of your device in a hurry without the need of pressing any button. The micro USB output and input cable can plug-in at the same time to reduce your down time.

To check the remaining battery level, simply press the power button. This clean and eco friendly lipstick power bank complies with the CE, RoHS, FCC. The design of this charger makes it very handy, lightweight and easy to store. The Vority 3000mAh external charger is highly recommended for individuals who require to charge up their device fast.

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