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Safest Lipstick Power Bank

By Johny Jacson

As companies develop newer mobile applications and fresher trends in the cyber world, gadgets tend to become overworked; this leaves them drained out of their battery lives faster.

Capacity of the Power Bank

However, we still aim to help alleviate the source of the problem. How do we prevent our gadgets from screaming recharge over and over again?

Type of Connector

Turn your brightness higher if you're outdoors to improve your display against sunlight. Thanks to the control panel that can be activated by swiping upwards, you can easily change the brightness setting.

Tone down the brightness of your screen and try to shorten the standby time.

Also, opening several applications at one time can also severely put your battery down. Turn off unnecessary programs and apps to also prevent system crash. Apart from that, disable your Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE function if not needed. Your gadget would constantly search for a nearby signal if it's left on.

Lithium polymer is an expensive battery that's manufactured from aluminum. It sends 4.20-4.35 volts to fully charged devices and 2.7-3.0 volts to discharged gadgets. It typically charges only cell phones and can withstand a temperature of 0-60 degrees Fahrenheit.

If these functions cannot possibly be turned off, always, have a lipstick power bank with you to enjoy connectivity without worrying about the battery life.

Type of Volt

Another thing that you probably notice in your iPhone 5 is the Background Motion. The parallax effect would make you visualize a 3D moving effect on the background against the icons on your home screen. As you move from left to right, the icons would follow through.

Luckily, there are a couple of solutions today that we can use to have a back-up in case of sudden drain of battery life.

Vority Vigor's Lipstick power bank gives us the best offer for the trendiest and most functional charger on the market.

Valid Certifications

It also weighs around 60 grams so you can easily keep it in your bag or even in your pocket.

Additional Features

Lastly, a special trick that can be used on your iPhone 5 is utilizing the Airplane mode. When you're not using it, switching the airplane mode can help sustain the battery of your phone. Doing this while charging would also let you speed up the charging process. No matter how much you try to conserve the energy, phones are just meant to be utilized to their full capacity. To back you up, the Vority Vigor Lipstick Power Bank is the most convenient charger that can support your iPhone 5. You can get this lipstick power bank at a 56% discount in Amazon.

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