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Strategies To Prevent False Alarms With Your Commercial Security System

By Mark Mahaffey

There are many reasons why false alarms can occur with your commercial security system. But since a false alarm can cause the police to have to come to your office unnecessarily, it is a good idea to do everything you can do to prevent it from happening.

One of the causes for false alarms is that your workers may not know how to work the system correctly. If they try to operate it and make a mistake, it can cause it to trip, which will cause your call center to be notified. The solution is to make sure that all your employees have been properly trained and know exactly how to work the system.

If you have motion sensors connected to your commercial security system, they can also cause a false alarm if they are not in proper working order. You can have service technicians come out to check it. Also, make sure there are not objects in front of the sensor that could be accidently kicked or blown into its path.

Door and window seals are another thing to check when you are trying to prevent false alarm. If these are not in good condition, they may cause the alarm to sound. It is a good idea to check these every six months or so. If you notice wearing or fraying, have them repaired as soon as possible.

Your fire system can also be a source of a false alarm. If the smoke detectors, heat sensors or automatic sprinkler systems malfunction, it can cause the system to go off. Make sure to keep good batteries in the detectors and have your service company check your sprinkler system often.

Owning a commercial security system is important for keep you and your employees as safe as possible, but false alarms can be frustrating. Avoid false alarms by making sure your workers know how to run it and by keeping it functioning correctly.

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