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Want To Choose A Vority Vigor Lipstick Power Bank?

By Johny Jacson

As companies develop newer mobile applications and fresher trends in the cyber world, gadgets tend to become overworked; this leaves them drained out of their battery lives faster.

Many iPhone 5 users inevitably buy a lipstick power bank as a solution to the fast draining battery life of this device. So, why does your iPhone 5 and 5s runs out of battery in an instant?

Display Issues

Fixing some things on your phone's setting can help your phone go a long way, literally. Some people prefer maximum brightness for their phones especially when they are outdoors.

However, this easily lowers the battery life because the display screen gets exhausted. Tone down the brightness of your screen and try to shorten the standby time.

Also, using several applications at one time can also severely put your battery down.

Turn off unnecessary programs and apps to also prevent system crash. Apart from that, disable your Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE function if they're not in use. Your gadget would constantly search for a nearby signal if it's left on. This is the best way to drain down the battery life of your phone.

This is also the case for your connectivity features. Do not turn on your Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G and LTE functions if they're not in use. It is one of the most effective ways to improve your battery life.

However, you can choose to bring a handy power bank with you during times of unavoidable heavy internet use. The lipstick power bank from Vority can support iOS 7 and charges fast.

When in vibrate mode, the entire phone tends to shake up its own weight, requiring a substantial amount of power.

If it's not necessary, you can just use the normal sound level of your phone. You can just customize or assign ringtones and notifications for more urgent calls or mails.

Luckily, there are a couple of solutions today that we can use to have a back-up in case of sudden drain of battery life.

Vority Vigor's Lipstick power bank gives us the best offer for the trendiest and most functional charger on the market.

In iOS 7, they included the Background App Refresh that monitors the most used applications then automatically updates it whenever a software update is available. If you can find time to manually update your apps, you're better off not using this feature. Under Settings and the General tab, you can disable the Background App Refresh.

Airplane Mode

This tiny lipstick power bank can also support almost all gadgets including iPhone 5s/5 and Samsung Note that uses USB port. It is also up on a 56% off discount if you purchase it on Amazon.

This also gives you a year warranty with a free replacement. More importantly, it is the safest lipstick power bank because it automatically stops the charging when it senses a fully charged gadget.

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