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Corporate Affiliate Programs (CAP)

Designing the Program to meet the desired needs of the Corporation

  These programs can be promoted as ‘employee engagement’ programs. They can be a ‘rewards’ program to encourage employee continuous learning, increased sales, or any other positive performance an organization wants to foster- “what you measure is what you get”. In CAP, membership is listed in the corporate name and it is set up (customized) to meet the corporate objectives of the program. We help our clients design their own program objectives within our SUCCESSIMO framework.

Enhancing a Business Builder’s Profitability

  These programs are promoted and sold by our Business Builder who may or may not be Success Coaches. They are individuals who are interested in building large income streams through SUCCESSIMO; e.g. a woman I am speaking with who wants to bring in a large national bank who is already her client and others as well; the owner of a corporate training business who wants to provide Successimo as a ‘value-added’ service to his customers. Our current rewards program is being examined in light of these Business Builders.n Customer account management will be the Key to a Business Builder’s ongoing success with their clients. In turn they are rewarded for this oversight and customer support.


  CAP members may require their own data base that protects their employee member data. Their employees will join and may access their membership through a portal on their own company’s web site or intranet. The corporation will need ‘messaging capability’ so the corporation can communicate regularly to reinforce activity in the program. We will work with the corporation on how they would like to use their rewards (building up of reward point). They can roll them over into certificates to be given out to high performers, given to charities, cashed in for dollars as another income stream, etc.

Expanding the Program

  The CAP can expand beyond the corporate walls by employees inviting family and friends to join under them. This membership growth opportunity can be an incentive for employees to be active in the program and be rewarded for their activity of sharing the program with friends and family. This feature can be both a benefit to the individual employee and the Corporation through growing their rewards base.

  We will work with the employee communications service of the company in developing this
portion of the program by sharing how other clients are publicizing and managing their programs. This will truly demonstrate the explosive growth of the system and can be used as a marketing incentive to the corporation.

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