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Blogging : 15 business blogging mistakes ( Part 2)


  Google has programming interfaces to support an automatic transfer of your blog, but they have their quirks. One does not let you migrate comments (an important part of any blog) and the other doesn’t let you move more than a few dozen articles – period. There areways to keep your search rankings when you switch, but you will probably need the help ofprogrammers to transfer your data and keep any SEO.

  The content you publish on your blog is too heavily focused on you – your products, services, achievements, and why you’re awesome – and it’s seriously lacking thought leadership.

  Publishing product or company-focused content is okay only if you limit it to a company news and/or product blog. For the purposes of this ebook, we’re focusing on the type of business blogging that allows you to exhibit thought leadership and expertise. In this type of blogging, you’ll get stuck if you feature too much productfocused or company-centric content.
  If people are visiting your blog expecting to find educational content and all they find is you talking about how great your products and services are, you’re not going to accomplish the same goals or attract as many readers as you would if you published educational industry content.

  Change the way you think about content for your blog. Instead of creating product-focused content that is unlikely to get shared, consider spending more time on educational, data-driven, or especially thought-provoking content relative to your industry. This type of content has a much better chance of attracting readers -- and spreading.

  By creating these types of content, you’ll start establishing your blog as a valuable resource for your industry. Because people are more likely to share content that is educational in nature, your content will have the capacity to reach a larger audience of potential customers.
  As a result, people will start to associate your business with industry expertise, translating to more credibility and trust in the products/services you have to offer.

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