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Things to Keep in Mind when Design a Website

This article is giving some great tips to help web designers create successful websites.

User's View

A web designer must ensure that the website is usable and easily accessible. This is because in order to build an effective website, the user experiences and user interactions are very crucial. In short, a web designer must learn to focus on the website user's needs by seeing things from a website visitor's perspective.


Secondly, a web designer must remember to use clear and simple navigation. It is thought that navigation is the most crucial feature in web design. This is because users will stay and read your content if the navigations are easy and clear. Hence, a good navigational structure should be flexible, to ensure that there is extra space to insert additional links.

Clean Layout Design

The examples of excellent layout designs are clean, consistent and neat layout designs. It is thought that beautiful graphics, fonts and colours play a big role in web design. Hence, it is essential to design a clean layout and use fonts that are available on all computers to prevent the site looking untidy.


To ensure visitors read your content, a simple site is always the best choice. This is important because scrolling required need to be reduced, particularly with contents of long pages. If the site is poor or does not work well, visitors will not enjoy reading the contents. Hence, in order to make sure your visitors are able to see a professional and attractive site, stretch layouts that fit any screen resolution are required.


As a general rule,your website must be able to perform at 95% of the top browsers such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and many more.


Nowadays, CSS websites are the new favourite because it offers reusability and most importantly, it reduces file size to promote a greater look at a website. Hence, one of the most important skills that a web designer needs to learn today is CSS programming. This is because a simple CSS Styles Effects will help you to enhance your website.

A Scalable Website

Given the immense advanced of technology and the increasing varieties of computers and their monitors, it is unreasonable to guarantee that your site fits in all screen sizes and different user scenarios. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure your site is capable of being error free and put up with the increasing amount of user loads. In order to achieve this, the web design, code and programming must be scalable. If the site looks good and able to perform smoothly under most situations, it is a reliable and efficient website.

Test Early, Test Often

It is advised to carry out usability and user interaction tests during the early design stage of designing your website. It is not just that, you need to keep testing and improving your website as it grows to ensure it performs smoothly.

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