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Internet Marketing Is About Generating Traffic And Turning Visitors Into Customers

By Steve Kelly

After many years of working with website owners to help them achieve their goals of growing their businesses online I have recognized that their are 4 main factors that determine success. These 4 factors encompass many different elements, each of these elements could probably fill several books of recommendations and strategies. This article is aimed at giving you a simple overview of how it all fits together.

1.Understanding Your customer

Many companies spend a fortune on internet marketing and neglect their key conversion tool, the content on their websites. The problem with content is that it is worthless unless it connects with the needs and goals on the visitor on your website. Before you can start to achieve your business goals you need to spend time understanding your target customers. When a visitor lands on your website they have 6 key questions: Do I trust you? Do I believe you? Do you understand my needs? What's in it for me? (WIIFM),What do you want from me? Is it worth it? A good strategy will begin by answering these questions.

2. what Are Your Conversion Goals

Your website needs to be focused primarily on achieving specific conversion goals. Once you understand clearly what you want to achieve then it is a simple process to create and test strategies that will enable you to achieve your goals. Website goals fall into two main categories, generate sales, and generate enquiries. Other goals may also include, follow on social media, specific page view, read blog, visit duration, newsletter sign up, down load eBook, read articles or white papers.

3. Map Your Conversion Pathway

Mapping a conversion pathway is a simple process when you understand your customers, and have clear conversion goals. Work backwards from the specific conversion goal and map out the steps in the sales process. Each step will need to engage the visitor, answer their questions, and overcome their objections to get them to move on to the next step in the sales process. Please note that too many steps can sometimes fail to keep the visitor engaged, and too few steps may not be enough to convince them to take action.

4. The Importance Of engaging Content

Having understood your customers needs, clarified your conversion goals, and mapped out a conversion pathway you are now in a position to create focused content that connects with your visitors needs, goals, and concerns, and convince them to take action. Content needs to be engaging and well formatted if it is to achieve its purpose. There a many techniques and recommendations for writing good copy, and many excellent resources online to help you.

Creating a successful strategy to turn visitors into customers is best done working from the top down, that is, starting with an understanding of your customers and your conversion goals and then filling in the detailed steps in the sales process. Keep in mind that this is a process of continual measurement and refinement, it is not a simple one strategy solution if you want to be truly successful.

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