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Get To Know the Best Deal of the Day Sites to Visit

By Kathy Lee

Deal of the day sites have become a popular way to shop online nowadays. Most deal sites started operating in 2004 and the industry has shown significant growth since then. Deal sites provide podiums for businesses to promote their products. Followers of the site are notified on the deals for that day through emails and social networks.

Many merchants who are members of these sites view it as a platform to make popular their products and not a method of producing returns. Business people are given the capability to make known their products within a short period of time. It also helps them to establish a solid body of customers.

Groupon, which is a blend of the two words "group" and "coupon", is one of the most popular deal sites. It was launched in November 2008. It operates on a contract basis - if a certain number of customers buy the deal then the deal is on. If that minimum number is not met, then the deal is off and the buyers who did purchase the deal are refunded their money. Groupon offers its deals mostly on service related items like restaurants discounts, spa discounts, etc. It serves more than 150 markets in North America and 100 markets in other regions mainly in Europe, Asia and South America.

LivingSocial is another deal of the day site. It was founded in 2007. Like Groupon, LivingSocial offer most of its deals in service related items. When a deal is purchased, customers who bought the deal are emailed their vouchers after 24 hours. New customers are added to the list at no fee to the merchandiser. In addition, the site offers a section for discounts on travel called Escapes.

Founded in 2005, MidnightBox gives a minimum of three product deals per day. Basically it deliberates on the most suitable discounts for its customers. It offers a variety of products - buyers can find electronics, housewares, jewelry, and much more for deals. Deals on MidnightBox are available for 24 hours or until the product sells out.

Like other ventures, this business has challenges. The basic challenge is that discounts may attract too many customers which may overwhelm the business. This leads to lack of consumer satisfaction as too much is demanded and the supply may not be enough. Sellers also face difficulties because in most cases dealers are not interested in their products available for discounted sales.

The best deal of the day sites to visit gives help to businesses - particularly those introducing new goods in the market - to gain faithful clients within a short period of time. They also assist in sinking risks for venders who use tokens to improve their sales.

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