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Are Free Leads For Mlm Targeted?

By Steven Suchar

A proven strategy for collecting free leads for mlm is as cut and dry as leaving comments on blogs and in forums, which are highly related to the products you are promoting.

When you're first starting out in multilevel marketing, you want to make sure that you comment on all of the top blogs that you can possibly find. Not all of your comments are going to be approved by the blog administrators though. Will each comment mean a click through back to your website? In the beginning, very few will.

The fastest way of finding blogs that will have a commonality with your products is going to come from your Google search box. Typing various sentences with 'blog commenting' will display endless results.

Give consideration to the dates of posted articles, you do not want to waste your effort and time on abandoned blogs.

If your laptop computer is set up with the SEOQuake tool bar, you'll be able to view the page ranking of the blog that you have clicked on. Page rank is called out from 0 to 9. If you frequent blogs which have a rank of 2, 3 or more, the value from the link that you are rewarded with is better than a not ranked. Google takes this into account.

The higher the amount of commenters within a blog, the better your chances are to leave a handful of comments. If you do leave one, it's important that it's useful. The blog proprietor is supplying you a link for your words, so make it loaded with value.

A worthless comment isn't any benefit anywhere and it'll be rejected, which suggests you have blown smoke, wasting your time. Once in awhile, even if you leave an excellent comment, it runs the risk of still being dumped. Anyway, you're at the mercy of the blog owner here.

For this reason alone, you'll have to dedicate many hours, each week, blog commenting. The trade off is that you'll grab back links to your site, even if you aren't collecting any opt ins right away. Your website will surely climb up the rankings in time.

Your goal will be to appear knowledgeable and trusting. Folks might not click your link or register with you today, but the more comments that you sprinkle around, the more likely they will finally click through and subscribe on your website. Forge on, free leads for mlm are there for the taking.

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