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Refreshed Caravan Upholstery - An Excellent Update!

Enjoying updated and transformed caravan upholstery can make a pre-owned purchased RV seem like new again. For one traveling family, replacing the old owners outdated upholstery made their used motor home purchase personalized for them and was the perfect solution to feeling at home while living on the road. They received a newfound sense of enjoyment in the updated interior.

The old motor home they purchased contained caravan upholstery which appeared close to 20 years old. It showed it's years of use with stained and old carpet which was pulling up at the edges in a dirty, rusty orange color. The window coverings were half missing or broken and the curtains mismatched, torn and stained. The sofa was no better with the seat cushions ripped and soiled. Chair covers were also the worse for wear.

They embarked on an adventure and achieved a new look to the caravan upholstery and found the task to be fun and rewarding. They decided to make the updates during the off-season they usually travel. The first plan of action had them selecting what to cover the floor with. They decided to stay with carpet and chose a nice Berber carpet which was neutral in color so they'd be able to have a variety of choices for the other upholstery updates yet to come. Having the carpet custom cut to the layout inside the caravan gave it a clean and finished look and allowed for a long life for the floor. It was decided permanent replacement for the couch and chair foam cushions were the best course of action. In addition to the new custom foam, brand new fabrics were selected that suited the tastes of the new owner's style. The renewed chair and couch seating gave them a newfound level of lounging comfort. Window blinds were also custom made and installed so they would be there for years of use. The curtains were the final upholstery item updated and achieved the total effect by bringing the look together. With such a variety of fabrics, colors and styles available for all aspects of interior changes, finding just what the needed was an easy task.

Just how many choices and options are out there for updating caravan upholstery? More than can be imagined. There are multiple prints, solids, heavy and light-weight fabric materials, silk and leather, synthetic and all-natural upholstery styles, the list seemed endless. The cost depends on what was chosen. Having pets or kids or both will be a factor in the updated caravan upholstery design also. When deciding to renovate cost is always a factor. This family started with a set budget limit and found so many options existed they were able to refresh the upholstery and carpet and keep within their budget. Smaller low-cost makeovers can be achieved with small changes to just curtains and fabric covers as well so don't let cost hold up the decision to renew the caravan upholstery.

A renewed interior allowed their future journeys to be done in plush style and with comfort. Personalized and refreshed changes improved the decor and extended the life of the caravan. They soon found themselves on the road again, cruising in style.

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